Button Frenzy // I have a game on Steam Greenlight!

Hey all! I have a new game in development! It’s called Button Frenzy.

Like Shoot That Pizza, it was originally made as an entry for the Idle Thumbs community game jam.

It’s a fast-paced arcade game, that plays like a really frantic version of Simon Says. The footage you see in the gif above and the trailer below is from the jam build of the game, which took me 2 weeks to build. I’m pretty pleased with how well it turned out! I’ve been doing a lot of game jams lately, and it’s really satisfying to see the ways in which each new project is an improvement over the others. I might go into that in more detail later, but today I have something important to share:


Button Frenzy is on Steam Greenlight right now! I’m planning to expand upon the jam game and put out a full version on Steam, and Greenlight is one of the steps you currently have to go through (if you’re tiny and self-published as I am). If you’re reading this and you have a Steam account, it would hugely help me out if you paid a visit to the Greenlight page and voted for it. Every vote helps, so if you like the look of the game, please do vote!