TV Trouble goes to EGX

Hey all,
I’m pleased to announce that TV Trouble will be present at EGX this weekend; as part of the Leftfield Collection.

Sponsored by worldwide publisher SEGA, the Leftfield Collection celebrates the diverse nature of the indie development scene, giving EGX attendees experiences that are often profoundly different to those available elsewhere on the show floor.EGX blog

If you’re attending the show, come and say hi!


Explode Mode // Wizard Jam 2016

A few weeks ago I participated in the Idle Thumbs community’s bi-annual game jam. I talked about what it was last year in a post I made for Shoot That Pizza, so I won’t go into it in huge detail. Anyway, this time around I organised it, which was really fun! We got over 45 entries in total, and the games that were submitted were really excellent. I’m really happy with the way everything turned out.

For my jam entry, I made a game called Explode Mode. It’s a game about driving a hover tank with a wacky and novel control mechanic. It’s inspired by Katamari Damacy, but it’s a twin stick shooter?! That sounds confusing but it’s fun, I promise. You can download it for free right here:

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The hosts of Idle Thumbs played my game on their Twitch stream! I think they enjoyed it?!




Explode Mode is on the featured section on the front page of!



Rock Paper Shotgun covered Explode Mode in their Free Loaders column!

UE4 tidbit: Finding the player(s) with the highest score at the end of a round

I thought it would be a good idea to start posting up some of the problems I run into while developing the game, along with the solution I manage to eventually come up with. It might come in handy for anyone reading, and at the very least it’s useful for me to write this stuff down for future reference.


I’ve been working on the scripting of the game logic for beginnings and ends of rounds, and I came across a bit of a puzzle. At the end of a round, I need to be able to use the player’s scores (stored in an array) to find the winner of the round. It’s a simple enough task, but the solution took me a surprising amount of effort to arrive at. The solution I came up with was so simple I’m wondering why I didn’t come up with it to begin with.

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