Button Frenzy @ Multiplay Insomnia57

I have another event appearance coming up! I’ll be showing Button Frenzy at Multiplay’s Insomnia57 later this month, from the 25th – 28th of March at the NEC, Birmingham. That’s just a few days before Gadget Show Live and in the same venue, so I guess I’ll be pretty familiar with that place by the end of the week.

Again, if you’re going to be attending, come and say hi!

You can find more info here:

Button Frenzy // I have a game on Steam Greenlight!

Hey all! I have a new game in development! It’s called Button Frenzy.

Like Shoot That Pizza, it was originally made as an entry for the Idle Thumbs community game jam.

It’s a fast-paced arcade game, that plays like a really frantic version of Simon Says. The footage you see in the gif above and the trailer below is from the jam build of the game, which took me 2 weeks to build. I’m pretty pleased with how well it turned out! I’ve been doing a lot of game jams lately, and it’s really satisfying to see the ways in which each new project is an improvement over the others. I might go into that in more detail later, but today I have something important to share:


Button Frenzy is on Steam Greenlight right now! I’m planning to expand upon the jam game and put out a full version on Steam, and Greenlight is one of the steps you currently have to go through (if you’re tiny and self-published as I am). If you’re reading this and you have a Steam account, it would hugely help me out if you paid a visit to the Greenlight page and voted for it. Every vote helps, so if you like the look of the game, please do vote!